Advantages of the Life Cycle/Cradle-To-Grave Business Model

From the start of our business in 1982, Greenway Transportation Services, Inc. has used the Life Cycle/Cradle-To-Grave business model. We have found that this business model works well for us and differentiates us from a lot of our competition.

Our Process

A single Greenway employee is responsible for the movement of our shipper’s freight, from the arrangement of transportation to the delivery at the consignee. The shipper has one point of contact at Greenway for all load aspects within their supply chain. This eliminates issues of who is responsible for the customer’s needs. The Greenway employee who handles your account is responsible for meeting your needs. The Greenway employee is responsible for supplying the shipper with the proper piece of equipment to transport your freight and have a professional driver. It also allows our customers to have 24/7 contact in case of an emergency.

We know this business model works, as we have many shippers that have been with us for decades who have stated that they appreciate the personalized service they receive from us.

Why it Works

  • The Life Cycle/Cradle-To-Grave business model lessens waste of time and cost on a per load basis. Greenway Transportation Services, Inc. becomes an extension of your Traffic/Logistics department.
  • Personal relationships are improved and expectations by the shipper are increased.
  • Definitions of the shipper’s requirements are honed and improved.
  • The single point of contact ensures service excellence through interaction and consistent response.

What to Do

If you are a shipper looking for a more personalized relationship with your transportation supplier, look to Greenway Transportation Services, Inc. With us, you’ll find service excellence and competitive shipping rates. After our customer service representative understands your business needs,  our services will allow you more time to handle your business’ day to day needs.